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To become a guest of The Unstoppable Women, please go to https://elizabethperez.ca/ and submit your request.

Each #EmTV Live Talk Show, has a unique approach, vision and purpose while honoring our main mission...To Empower The Community!

What's Your Story?


Live on Thursday Night's - 8:00pm MST

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Every week, we welcome different guests to our studio.

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There are different ways to be part of Empower Media Community and you can be as involved as you like.

To simplify things, we are listing below three ways to be part of our community. But if you have any questions or you simply want to connect with us, please reach our way. We'd love to chat with you.

#1 - #EmTV Ambassadors

You help us to continuously grow by introducing us to awesome people that have an empowering message or story.

Simple, right? Please make your introduction via info@empowermedia.ca or you can always send us a Direct Message on Facebook.

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This is your opportunity to share your story to the world. To help you determine what's the best #EmTV Show is for you, we strongly encourage you to reach our way so we can chat about your story.

To contact us, please reach our way via info@empowermedia.ca. You can also send us a Direct Message on our Facebook page.

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#EMTV Star & Ambassador

#EMTV Star & Ambassador

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They have a VERY important part in Empower Media Community. With their financial investment, we can continue to Empower The Voice of the Community week after week! Apply Now to become an #EmTM Partner.

If you'd like to become an #EmTV Partner and have any questions, please contact our Executive Director,  DJ Perez via email at dj@empowermedia.ca.

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Lis and DJ Perez

Lis & DJ Perez