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Wishing Well Foundation

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, #EmTV had the pleasure and the honor to Sponsor Wishing Well Wedding & Event Foundation’s 2nd Annual Gala. It was definitely a night to remember for all those who attended, sponsors and guests alike.

This local non-profit organization was birthed 2 years ago when one local event planner had a dream.

Lesley Zander-Plumley, owner of Magical Moments Event Planning and President of Wishing Well Foundation has a heart for giving back to the community any way she can, and so, mixed with her passion and expertise, Wishing Well Foundation was born.

Wishing Well Foundation is a non-profit that grants wishes by providing weddings, vow renewals and other events for couples and children who are faced with terminal illnesses. This incredible organization is made up of like-minded individuals who believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime so that family and friends will hold onto priceless ‘magical moments’ that will live on forever.

“This is a Calgary event industry foundation. This isn’t about my company, Magical Moments or Lesley Plumely…this is about everybody and we’re empowering our industry to be able to create these wishes and to come on board and help all our recipients out.”

Their 2nd Annual event was a memory worth holding on to. A Night in Monte Carlo was the theme, and my gosh… did the room ever transform. It was like you stepped foot onto the streets of Monte Carlo and you were whisked away for an evening of Parisian ambiance.

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino had the pleasure of being the sponsor hosts for the evening. 

For those that did not have the pleasure to attend, allow me to paint a little picture for you:

You are first welcomed into the hotel by a sea of red.

Red carpet, beautiful archway and breathtaking chandeliers. A long corridor escorts you into what will be an absolute magical evening.

As I stepped foot onto that plush, red carpet and beautiful, picturesque chandeliers lined the walkway leading me into a night of wonder, I felt like a glamorous movie star and at any moment, the paparazzi was going to snap my picture.

I am reminded of the beautiful moments that will bestow upon me and my heart is excited. 

The sophisticated sounds of an upbeat jazz ensemble performed by Occasional Notes filled the ballroom as you entered and you are reminded that you are among other guests who are there to support a worthwhile local organization. A greeting or two, a room full of genuine smiles, inspiration filled the air and you know it will be an amazing time. 

The decor including the giant feather plumes that graced the center of the tables were provided by 2 of Wishing Well’s Star Sponsors, Red Event Design & Decor and Special Event Rentals. The gold, vintage chairs and other decor was provided by Shannon Collins, owner of Chair Flair. Not only is Shannon a local business owner in the events industry, she is also Wishing Well’s Media & PR Director. 

“I believe really strongly that if you do what you love and you do what you’re passionate about and if you’re a good person and you give back, then good things come to you. It is my pleasure to be a part of organizations like this in order to give back.”

You gaze in amazement at the matching gold place settings on the tables, and you can’t help but wonder what is in the little pyramid shaped box sitting in the middle of each setting. I heard it was some delectable cotton candy, provided by local business, Sugar Cube. How sweet!

As you walk further into the Big Plume Room (how fitting, isn’t it), you are in awe at the amazing digital mapping backdrop which graced the ballroom walls, provided by another Star Sponsor, KCAV.

As you stare at the backdrop, you can’t help but imagine yourself walking down the streets of Monte Carlo, your face in utter amazement at the magnificent lighting before you.

The silent auction items lined the perimeter of the ballroom filled with wonderful goodies, provided by a variety of sponsors, including: Hillberg & Berk, Calgary Flames, Calgary Hitmen, Trenalaine, Hammerheads Salon, Crabapple Clothing and other local businesses who had the honor of being part of Wishing Well’s vision. It is absolutely amazing and inspiring to see so many local businesses interested in being part of a wonderful organization, such as the Wishing Well Foundation.

Apart from the incredible silent auction items, the black and gold balloons were a fun little addition.

For $20 per balloon, there’s prizes to be won worth over $1000! Not only do you contribute to a fabulous cause by purchasing a balloon, but you also get a prize to take home with you and enjoy. The best of both worlds! 

Wishing Well’s guests were treated to a beautiful 3 course dinner while they were encapsulated by Occasional Notes once again. If that wasn’t enough, guests looked on as they listened to the performers belt out James Bond favorites. It is a Night in Monte Carlo, after all. 

And what is Monte Carlo without the casino, right? A fun money casino, consisting of blackjack and roulette started the party off right. After guests were full, in their hearts and their tummy, they got ready to dance and boogie to fun, oldies music, performed by local musicians, One Nite Band. 

For an inspiring preview of what went down at Wishing Well’s 2nd annual event, please check out our next #EmTV segment.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Lynnette MacDonald of Swirl Cakes at the event and this is what she had to say. Lynnette is the Vice-President of the Foundation and, as she calls it, ‘Lesley’s right hand.’

“The foundation is really about creating memories for the family long after the person passes and it’s about creating a moment in their life where it’s not about the illness. When you’re terminally ill, it can often become about that. The illness defines who you are and your identity, whereas an event that the foundation can put on for them gives them a little glimpse that ‘this is about you and this moment.’ Families have come back to us and thanked us for the gift saying ‘it was about that special moment and we forgot about the illness at that time.’

It’s all about that special moment…isn’t that amazing?

Feel like supporting this amazing heartfelt organization? Please visit their website for more info on how to support and donate to this local cause. Show your support and say hello on Facebook as well:

There is so much to say about the wonderful world-changing work this organization is doing, but I will just leave you with this. We were so pleased and privileged to be able to attend Wishing Well’s 2nd Annual gala amongst its 160 supporters. The ladies behind this organization have an incredible story and their innate vision is one that will continually lead them forward in changing the lives of their recipients and creating true memories that will last forever. 

“I am a cancer survivor. The whole reason behind Wishing Well is I was able to work with an amazing young lady who passed away when she was 9 years old and to be able to make her wish come true and have her final Christmas party and (we don’t normally do this), but her memorial service is kind of the whole reason why we started this.”

~Lesley Plumely, President – Wishing Well Wedding & Event Foundation

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