Tamara Jarrett Changes People’s Lives with The Athlete Factory!

Tamara Jarrett

#EmTV welcomes this week’s Feature Business of the week… Tamara Jarrett from The Athlete Factory has a lot to say about her passion as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

What started out as a slightly different journey into the world of Physiotherapy ended up as a huge passion for mentoring others in having an active and fit lifestyle as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. It’s more than being a Personal Trainer…Tamara goes right into your core being and strengthens you and mentors you in order to feel better about yourself.

“I have a HUGE passion for helping people. I feel empowered when I can help change people’s lives. Pain is not an option.”

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For more info on how Tamara can become your mentor and coach you into achieving your fitness goals, please contact her via email at tamara.jarrett@athletefactory.net or by phone (403) 680-6623.

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