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Michael Black

As we commence a new year, we look forward to even more excitement and opportunities for growth and new projects that come our way.

This week, we are ecstatic to introduce our first segment of Empower Media TV: Business Series!

To start things off, our first Feature Business of the Week is Michael Black from Organo. DJ. had an opportunity to catch up with Michael to see what his business is all about. Michael has an incredible story and testimonial that we would love to share with you.

Check out the following segment to find out the Why in Michael’s story.

Michael Black - Organo


Organo’s products offer amazing health benefits as well as personal growth opportunities. Get in touch with Michael Black to learn more about Organo and the business opportunities available. Call Michael at (403) 614-1614 or email him at

Don’t forget to check his website:
Will see you guys next week!

Lis & DJ

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