Help End Global Poverty with the Raindrop Gala!


#EmTV was pleased to be a Media Sponsor for the Raindrop Gala, which happened on Saturday, April 29, 2017. It was their 2nd Annual event and it was produced and organized by local home builder, Shameer and Shen Gaidhar of Millennial Plus Homes.

What a unique venue for this type of event.

Held at the Enmax Conservatory in the Calgary Zoo, the gala was cocktail reception style that drew over 500 people from all walks of life. I’ve always loved this venue because of the breathtaking lush plant life that has a way of soothing your soul and relaxing your mind. Guests enjoyed the butterfly garden adjacent to the conservatory and they were in awe as butterflies fluttered around them as they walked in amazement.

The event was split up into 2 different rooms…one room, the main atrium, consisted of over 40 silent auction items, including home decor, jewelry, salon & spa services, and much more. Energetic DJ Joeoui spinning some amazing hits from all genres got the party started. The other room, on the other side of the conservatory welcomed fun, energetic jazz music and the amazing CJ Sax, working his magic with his saxophone. Of course, the beautiful Camilla Di Giuseppe of CTV Calgary was in attendance as the lovely Emcee.

One of the cool highlights of the evening was the incredible ice sculpture carved with the gala logo. But that’s not all. It was a ‘create your own martini’ feature. You chose your cocktail, and right before your eyes, the bartender created your cocktail which poured through and traveled through this sculpture. You would place your glass at the bottom to catch the delicious liquid and enjoy. Astounded, guests enjoyed this extravagant addition to the event…it was definitely the highlight of the evening and so many guests took an opportunity to pose for a selfie. I, for one, have never seen anything like it!

So many people were in attendance in order to support the worthwhile initiative put on by Millennial Plus Homes. 100% of funds raised during this second annual event is in support of the World Partnership Walk, which occurred this past Sunday, June 4, 2017.  The World Partnership Walk is an initiative brought forth by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada in order to support development initiatives in Africa and Asia that help end global poverty and create a brighter future.


In 1985, a group of women originally from Africa and Asia living in Vancouver got together to raise money to support and give back to communities they left behind. They encouraged 1,000 other Canadians to join them in a walk and raise $55,000. That first walk cultivated into an annual event, now held in 10 cities across Canada with the support of tens of thousands of volunteers, corporate sponsors and participants. The World Partnership Walk has raised more than $100 million in the past 30 years...making it the largest event in Canada in support of international development.

The goal of Raindrop Gala was to raise $25,000. By the end of the evening, Millennial Plus Homes, together with their guests and sponsorship partners, managed to raise $43,000! Inspiring! Like-minded people just came together, put their hearts as one and gave back to the worldwide community any way they can. It was an amazing evening to be had by all!

Take a peek at some of the highlights of the Second Annual Raindrop Gala during our newest #EmTV segment:

For more info on the Raindrop Gala and how you can help, please visit If you would like to learn more about the World Partnership Walk and how you can take part, please check out As mentioned, the World Partnership Walk is an initiative on behalf of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, and you can learn more about them at their website
We look forward to seeing you at the 3rd Annual Raindrop Gala, happening in 2018. Keep up to date on their Facebook page:


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