Moving Forward with your Story

Moving Forward with your Story

This is a part of my story that I have felt the need to share for a long time but I just couldn’t find the right moment to express such an intimate part of who I am with others. It was a few weeks ago while I was at church that a beautiful song called, Withholding Nothing, began to play. It was right then and there that God gave me a vision and told me this is the right time.

I was so nervous. Not because I was afraid to share, but becauseĀ  it was one of those private secrets that have been tucked away within my soul for so long, that I wasn’t sure how people would react. But, as the song states, I shall Withhold Nothing. When I finally let it out of my heart, I felt such a freedom lifted off of my soul.

If my story can be shared and it can help someone, then why should I live it encaged within my heart?! God puts us through certain situations in our lives so that, one day, we can help others and bless others who are going through a similar situation. He will never put you through something that you can’t handle…it is your courage and your faith that provides you with the strength to move forward. So, no regrets. If my story can help even one person and shed light into their hearts, then I know that I am one step closer to fulfilling God’s mission and vision for my life.

So, I greatly welcome you and encourage you to share my story. if you know of someone who is going through bullying and low self-esteem, show them they’re not alone. Share my story with them and truly be there for them. You simply never know how or who it can help and you just might save someone’s life.

Until the next time,
Lis Perez