Guiding You Further Along the Road with Journey Counselling

Journey Counselling

Have you lost your way on the rollercoaster of life? Do you need help finding your way back to the life that you desire?

Join the #EmTV team in welcoming our next feature segment. Journey Counselling is a local agency who has a passion for helping those within the community. Their doors opened almost 9 years ago, in April 2008 and since then, Journey’s psychologists have helped many individuals and families overcome barriers in their lives that are holding them back from their hopes and dreams.

Charles Coleman, Director and Registered Psychologist of Journey Counselling, states it perfectly.

“I see myself as an Editor. I am an instructor on how to write stories. I join clients and help them identify the person separate from the problem and I help them identify what it is that they prefer their lives to be like. I help them edit out the parts that don’t fit for them and empower them with strategies and skills in order to achieve the goals that they have.”

Watch the following #EmTV segment to find out more about Journey Counselling and what makes them passionate about helping others.

Journey Counselling offers a variety of services and specializations, including:

  • Couples Counselling (Conflict Resolution, Infidelity, Marriage Prep…)
  • Family Counselling (Separation & Divorce, Blended Families, Parenting…)
  • Individual Counselling (Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Addictions…)
  • Children’s Counselling (Bullying, Self-Esteem, ADD, Educational Assessments…), and much more.

If you are going through issues and you need help re-focusing and empowering yourself in order to break down obstacles that are holding you back, contact Journey Counselling and find out if they’re the right fit. They offer two wonderful locations to serve you: NW, in the Kensington area, and their newest location in the SE community of Douglasdale. Not in Calgary and still want to connect with Journey Counselling? Not to worry. They offer Video and eCounselling in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere you are!

To find out more about Journey Counselling, their fees and what they offer, or to book an appointment, view their website at or contact them at their NW location (403) 619-8558 or SE location (403) 619-5354.

Check them out on Facebook and connect with them:

Here’s to your success and where Journey Counselling can help get you ‘further along the road!’

“Journey Counselling helps clients re-connect to some of their dreams, their hopes and their wishes and their intentions. We have an intention about the purpose behind our actions and sometimes it gets lost…life happens, stress comes in. What empowers me are my clients. They’re courage to choose their lives and their determination to change their lives.”

~Charles Coleman, Journey Counselling

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