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This week, we have the utmost pleasure of introducing Gerald Miller, owner of Future-Now Carpets to #EmTV studio. Gerald and his team have a passion for families. 

He founded his company in 2013, in the hopes that he will be a blessing to those that come across his path and that his business is around to help others.

From little kiddie situations to pet urine, Future-Now Carpets is at your service.

Although they specialize in commercial and residential carpet cleaning, they are also proud to be the only company in Western Canada that offers the Hygienitech system in order to clean your mattresses. This system is an amazing high-powered vacuum with a UVC light that cleans, sanitizes and kills germs and dust mites.

When asked about this incredible system, Gerald states, “Our Hygienitech system is completely dry and safe for everybody. To me, it should be the only way to clean a mattress. You do not want moisture in a mattress.”

Gerald’s mission at Future-Now Carpets is to provide high quality, carpet cleaning services utilizing their green and environmentally friendly products. They enjoy going the extra mile for the clients, and they take pride, knowing that they will do everything that they can in order to keep your family safe and protected.

Check out this week’s segment on #EmTV where DJ chats with Gerald about his story, the Hygienitech system and what makes them different.

“Helping people empowers me. There is nothing that feels better when coming out of a home or office knowing that you’ve made a difference for them. I enjoy helping families in tough situations when others say, ‘that’s not our thing’, we, at Future-Now Carpets, go the extra mile, if we can.”
Gerald Miller, Future-Now Carpets

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For more info on how Future-Now Carpets can help you and your home, please check out their website, www.Future-NowCarpets.ca. If you would like a consultation in order to get your carpets and mattresses cleaned by the professionals, contact Gerald and his team at (403) 988-1642.


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