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We are so pleased and excited to have none other than Jesse Vu, owner of Exceedia at #EmTV studios. Not only does she have an extreme passion for helping families, she thrives on her efforts in helping out the community through various fundraising initiatives for local charitable organizations. Because of this, we are ecstatic to have Jesse and her Exceedia team on board as this year’s Visionary Sponsor for True Beauty Foundation and True Beauty Gala.

Jessie’s story is an incredible one. She comes from a family who had to flee their country in hopes of a better life…there were tragedies and misfortunes along the way, but all it takes is that one person who will change your life forever. 

In remembering her journey, Jesse mentions, “There was this person in Canada. He signed the papers and he went through the trouble to sponsor us. The decision that this man made changed, not just my life…but the life of my children, every friend, every person I’ve ever touched, I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for this man.”

This week’s segment on #EmTV with Jesse showcases her inspiring story, her current cancer campaign on behalf of True Beauty Foundation and how Exceedia truly helps those that they meet. Check it out to learn more about what they have to offer:

When asked about Exceedia’s cancer campaign, Jesse states,

“We wanted to find an organization where we feel that what we were doing was making a change. It can be something as simple as someone smiling for the first time in days. This campaign is about giving to families and to help them have the will to live through their diagnosis and we wanted to be part of that.”

Jesse Vu, Exceedia

To keep up to date with Exceedia’s offerings and who they are as a company, please show your support on Facebook:

Just as a Good Samaritan stepped up and offered to help a family in need those many years ago, Jesse and her team at Exceedia have made it their mission and their passion to offer the same help and support for both their community and the families that come to them for help.

For more information on how Exceedia can help your family, please connect with Jesse and the team at Exceedia.ca or contact them at (587) 349-2455. For more info on their incredible and worthwhile Cancer Campaign, please go to exceedia.ca/cancer.

Thank you for watching another segment on #EmTV!

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