Corporate Team Building with Equine Connection

Corporate Team Building, Equine Connection

Among many others, this one was an exciting segment to shoot. Kari Fulmek and Carolyn Charles from Equine Connection stopped by #EmTV studio to chat with us about their wonderful Corporate Team-Building program. Who doesn’t LOVE horses?! 

The thing with Equine Connection is that the horses are the TEACHERS! 

“It’s so amazing when you see humans stepping out of a fear because working with huge animals, such as horses is pretty intimidating. But being able to see that one moment where something clicks, like that a-ha moment, that you can see that they’ve FINALLY figured things out…whether it’s the next step, or whichever. Those are our favorite moments of all because you see the horse relaxed in a beautiful way and the people come to that new conclusion about what they’re searching for in life.”

~Carolyn Charles, Equine Connection

The beauty of working with Equine Connection is that you can interact with the horses in their natural, comfortable state. They can understand you and they can feel what you’re feeling and working with them, can truly help you.

Kari, the owner of Equine and Carolyn, Director of Sales & Marketing, have such an incredible passion for what they do…their passion just exudes from them and oozes from their voice, their heart and their soul. Working as the Facilitators alongside their ‘Teachers,’ Kari and Carolyn feel that it is extremely beneficial for your own personal development.

Through their Corporate team-building strategies and workshops, they feel that they can help a small-mid sized company reach their goals through effective team-building.

Carolyn states, “This is a really essential time for people to communicate within the corporate organizations. Sometimes, having 4 generations in one work force can be difficult as they tend to be all on different pages and they are not sure how to communicate and how to structure their life around work… they really don’t know how to talk to each other.

This is a really great to time to start that communication and team-building piece so information can be filtered down to the other generations and it can be communicated well. You can really figure out who you’re ‘outside of the box’ thinkers are and where people should even be within the organization. The horses treat everyone equal…there is no judgement, so this corporate team-building piece is really beneficial.”

This week’s segment on #EmTV is all about corporate team-building. Check it out to hear more about Kari and Carolyn’s journeys, about the workshops that they offer at Equine Connection and how they can help your company through their corporate workshops utilizing none other than their amazing 4-legged ‘Teachers.’

What a phenomenal way to strengthen your relationships with your peers in order to make it a more comfortable working environment all the while reaching your company’s goals and increasing your bottom line. 

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If you’re looking for a unique way to increase your team efforts within your company or organization, please feel free to connect with Kari, Carolyn and their team at If you have any questions or would like some more information on the incredible services that they offer at Equine Connection, please contact them at (403) 519-6765.

Thank you for watching another segment on #EmTV!

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