Empowering Women as Ms. Southern Canada Globe!

Ms Southern Canada 2017

We have a celebrity in the house!!

We are so pleased and excited to welcome Tamara Pearson to #EmTV studios. Tamara is the delegate for Ms. Southern Canada Globe and is living an incredible journey in order to compete to become Mrs. Canada Globe, coming up on March 18.

Tamara is such an amazing lady. She has such a heart for others and is wanting to give back any way she can.

From playing WWCFL football to becoming Ms. Southern Canada Globe, Tamara makes it her mission to impact women in positive ways. “Being a part of this pageant makes me realize that, I too can believe in myself and can truly make a difference. Whether I win or lose, I know that I can continue to impact other women and demonstrate leadership, strength, unity and teamwork.”

Her past life includes going to school for Criminal Justice Police Studies and being well on her way to becoming a football star with WWCFL…But the universe had other plans. Her heart of gold, as genuine and as treasured as it is, steered her into a new way of impacting others within the community and beyond. Getting herself out there and challenging social norms has already made an impact.

One of the amazing things that many may not know, is that not only is she competing in the pageant in order to impact others, she is competing for her beautiful daughter. “Society expects women to do all these things…it is up to us and our generation to lead young girls and guide them in positive ways and show them that you can be real and push yourself and be successful with who you are…not what society needs you to be.”

Watch Tamara’s segment on #EmTV where we go through a slight part of her journey with her and prepare to be inspired:

The Mrs. Canada Globe pageant is meant to inspire women from all walks of life. One of the ways they do this is by giving back. The funds from the pageant that is raised is going to two amazing and worthwhile charities: Women in Need and Sophia House. Both of these charities are about empowering women. For more info on the charities, please go to http://www.womeninneed.net and http://www.sophiahouse.ca.

Beauty, culture and charity” is what this pageant is all about.

Follow Ms. Southern Canada Globe as she goes through her final stages in order to compete for Mrs. Canada Globe. The preliminaries are on March 17 and the full pageant is on March 18. For full details on the pageant, please go to: http://www.mrscanadaglobe.com/2017-southern-canada.html

To show support to Tamara and Women in Need Society and Sophia House, please vote for her during People’s Choice Voting at http://www.mrscanadaglobe.com/virtual-voting-2017.html. Voting ends March 18, 2017.

Support her, cheer her on and show Tamara some love as she steps forward in order to change women’s lives everywhere and be that world changer that society needs. Allow Tamara’s journey to be a true testament for women who don’t feel they’re good enough or can’t do something…she is a living example that no matter what the consensus is or what the social norm may be, if you have the confidence within yourself to make an impact, then nothing will hold you back. Inspiring!

To follow Tamara’s journey, be sure to follow her on Facebook.

“As people and as women, we have strength within us that we are able to use in all aspects of our lives. With those skills that we have, we can help and encourage to impact other women.”

-Tamara Pearson, Ms. Southern Canada Globe 2017

Thank you for watching another segment on #EmTV!

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