Empower Yourself with Equine’s Women’s Workshops!

Women's Workshops

Kari and Carolyn are back!! We have another privilege of hearing from the ladies of Equine Connection once again at #EmTV studio. This time, this segment is for the ladies!

Apart from offering Corporate Team-Building Workshops, like you saw in their previous segment, Kari and Carolyn’s passion is directed to helping ladies display more confidence with themselves through their empowering Women’s Workshops. Through these incredible workshops, they offer a life skills development series that will offer direction and help re-build lives.

From Weekender Representative to being a Facilitator and Owner of Equine Connection, Kari has a passion for empowering women. In her Weekender days, Kari was helping women build their confidence and outer beauty by consulting them on what Weekender clothing has to offer and by empowering them to build their own businesses. But, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. The purpose piece was missing.

“I want something that’s real…that’s solid. When I have my last breath on this earth, I want to know that I helped as many people as I possibly could. And with women…they are just as magnificent creatures as horses are. We are tough, we are strong and we make things work.”

Carolyn, on the other hand has a slightly different story. In her words, she was the ‘ideal candidate for the women’s program.’

“I had lost my voice, I had no idea which direction I was going to go in life, and I dealt with depression a lot. Working with the horses, in my own experience, has been life-changing. To get that feeling of stepping into your own and having the confidence within yourself and having that self-esteem to step forward in life is so amazing and I want to share it with the world.”

Many women carry a variety of hats on a daily basis and their thoughts are usually surrounded by everything but themselves. The beauty of these 12-week workshops is that, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU! Don’t focus on anything else but pampering your mind, your self-esteem, your confidence and your heart. And what better way to do it than with these 4-legged magnificent teachers… THE HORSES?! As learned in the previous segment, the horses are in their natural, comfortable state…there is absolutely no judgement and they are there for you and only YOU!

To learn more about the Women’s Workshops, please view our next segment where Kari and Carolyn talk about it in more detail:

For more information on Equine’s Women’s Workshops, please go to http://www.equineconnection.ca/womensworkshops. If you are going through your own self-esteem and confidence issues, know that you’re not alone. Kari, Carolyn and their ‘Teachers’ want to help you get back on track so you can move forward in life with confidence. Contact them and take that first step at (403) 519-6765.


Thank you for watching another segment on #EmTV!

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