Dr. James is Medically Trained & Naturally Focused

Alberta Health Institute

#EmTV is excited to announce Dr. James Truong as our Feature Business of the Week!

Dr. James

Dr. James is a Naturopathic Doctor with the Alberta Health Institute, located in the heart of Kensington.

While getting his own symptoms treated, Dr. James stumbled across a successful journey into the world of naturopathic medicine.

Follow this week’s segment on Empower Media TV to learn more about his passion for helping people and the incredible journey he encountered that got him to where he is today.


“I enjoy helping people feel better and live their lives…without any discomfort or health concerns. There’s usually something that can be done. I encourage you to get a second opinion if you’re not satisfied with the first. It helps.”

~Dr. James Truong, Alberta Health Institute

If you wish to seek a second opinion for your current health concerns, or if you have any questions regarding how naturopathic medicine can help you, we encourage you to contact Dr. James. Email him at jtruongnd@gmail.com or call Alberta Health Institute and make an appointment with him at (403) 521-5234

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