Costen & Associates is Relationship Oriented and Family Focused!


This week, #EmTV is very pleased to present our Feature Business of the Week, Costen & Associates Insurance.

Costen was established in 1987 by Founder, Larry Costen who had a passion for the financial services sector and helping as many families as he can. After many years in the industry, Larry has stepped into a mentoring role and now primarily focuses on networking and business growth. His daughter, Crista Costen has taken over the reigns as President of Costen & Associates and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Not only is Costen an amazing family run business, they pride themselves in being relationship oriented and family focused with their products.

Summer is approaching…are you and your family going on vacation? Do you have a motorcycle? Do you have the right coverage for your family that takes your specific needs into consideration? Let Costen help you find the best rates for your family utilizing their many trusted insurance partners.

Developing that personal relationship with their clients is of utmost priority. Just as Andrew Shareski, Costen’s Office Manager, would say, “We’re big enough to provide all of your insurance needs and have options for you, but we’re small enough to remember your name.”

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