Business Coach, Curtis Harren – A Successful Leader Builds Great Relationships!

Curtis Harren

At Empower Media TV, one of our primary focuses is relationship building. We are pleased to introduce our new Feature Business of the Week, Curtis Harren. Curtis Harren is a business coach who makes it his primary focus to help his clients build relationships with their clients and their team.

“A successful business is one that has a definite personality. A businesses personality comes from the relationships it’s built on. Everything we do in life is centered around relationships.” 

Curtis Harren, CEO copilotCurtis believes in empowering his clients, building a profound relationship with them, and helping them reach their potential by building stronger internal and customer relationships and empowering the team to their greatest performance levels.

Check out our new segment on EmTV, where he and DJ. discuss why it’s important to create a long-lasting relationship with all those that you meet and the amazing business products that Curtis has to offer potential clients.

You won’t want to miss this segment!

Part 1

Part 2

“2016 is the best year in history to grow your business. Not because the economy is perfect, rather because it isn’t perfect“.  If you’re curious why Curtis makes this statement, please reach out his way via email: or phone (403) 775-4505. As well, check out his website

Curtis is also on Facebook! Connect with him there and show your support:

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Lis & DJ
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