Brides2B Expo is the Newest and Affordable Platform

Brides2B Expo

Has anyone heard of the Brides2B Expo?

Well, guess what? We had the ultimate pleasure of chatting and learning more about the newest bridal platform from its founders, Zev and Galit Abosh.

This power couple stopped by #EmTV studio to chat with us about the amazing concept that Brides2B has to offer.

Zev, who is a fantastically talented photographer, with his company, PhotoArt4U, was seeking an affordable platform where ‘Brides to be’ can meet businesses in the industry and build relationships with them as they are planning their Big Day. Being an extremely active member within the industry, Zev wanted an Expo where businesses didn’t have to be put on a waiting list and they can participate in an expo where they can fully interact with potential clients and build relationships with them. On the flip side, brides and their entourage can stay within budget and meet businesses who offer unique services while planning their dream wedding.

It was then that he enlisted the help of his wife, Galit in order to produce an expo that will do just that. After tons of hard work, this boutique style trade show was born. Brides2B Expo officially launched last year, in September and had a successful turnout. While Zev plans the expo and utilizes his photography talent throughout, Galit assists with marketing and guest services. She interacts with exhibitors and businesses and the attendees who step through the doors.

“With my own experience, it brought me to this idea, together with Galit, to open a new and affordable platform. There is a market for it. Not every bride has a budget of $70,000-$90,000 for their wedding…Brides2B expo offers quality services within your budget. We are also limiting the expo to a more intimate setting with a maximum of 100 booths. Exhibitors can spend quality time talking with brides. There is a demand for it.”

~Zev Abosh, PhotoArt4U/Brides2B Expo

During our next #EmTV segment, we were offered the privilege of chatting with both Zev and Galit and learning more about the newest local bridal expo that is taking the wedding industry to new heights! Check it out.



If you are a bride who just got engaged, the next Brides2B Expo is coming up on February 26, 2017. Bring your bridesmaids, have some fun and enjoy what this expo has to offer while keeping you within your budget! For more details on becoming an exhibitor or if you’re newly engaged, please go to or contact Zev or Galit at

“What drives me is when I do something good to people and I see the passion of other people when you succeed and when you help them and support each other. I like to take on challenges and help other people.”

~Galit Abosh, Brides2B Expo


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