The sunshine is for everyone


The sun comes up every morning and a new day begins. The sunshine is for everybody and it is up to you to enjoy it or not. the same way, you have a choice to make the best out of every situation and look for the good side of things or you can chose not…

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A pebble in the water…there is more to it than the initial impact

A pebble in the water.

If you take a small pebble (rock) and you throw it into a lake, that pebble will create a ripple effect in the water. You can even try to skip the pebble a number of times and have a competition among your friends to see who can skip it the most. But at the end…

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Pick Your Battles

Pick your Battles

You have the power to choose. Everything starts with the right mentality…not every battle in life is worth it. Choose your confrontations wisely and don’t let the little things get you down. Life is very short so you don’t want to waste a minute on things that simply don’t matter. The battles you choose mean…

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