Andrea Joy is bringing her passion from the Inside Out!

Andrea Joy Music

This next segment at #EmTV studio was an absolute treat. We had the pleasure of introducing a new, local musician, Andrea Joy to our viewers. 

This was an extra special segment for us because, to the viewers, she is a composer and musician with an incredible sound, but to us, she is a beautiful friend. 

Andrea grew up in the town of Philly, Pennsylvania to a musically inclined family. Some of the fondest memories that Andrea had as a little girl was of music, so you could say, she was literally born into her passion and set up for an incredible journey as a talented singer & songwriter.

“I remember countless trips in the car with my Mom singing all kinds of songs from show tunes to church songs…even silly kid songs!”, she says.

By the time she was 19, Andrea picked up her first guitar. From the moment she laid hands on that old classical musical instrument, she was hooked. She became a song writer at that very moment and it was then, that her passion for music was truly revealed.

Since then, Andrea Joy, made the trek to Calgary to marry her love, Jason. While focusing on her music on the side, she and her husband enjoyed their lives as Pastors for 8 years in Calgary. During her life, Andrea has been blessed to lead worship for almost 20 years in various parts of Canada, USA, Africa, Nicaragua and Asia!

After some time along that path, though, God decided to lead Andrea away from Pastoring and back into pursuing a full-fledged career as a Singer, Songwriter & Musician.

Just over a decade later, in 2015, it was time.

With the help of the Holy Spirit guiding her direction, her Debut Solo Album, Inside Out started revealing itself and in the Fall of 2016, Andrea Joy finally released it. It is through this album, that Andrea’s love for music, God and her family is portrayed in such an magical way that only Andrea’s heart and faith can understand. 

Her beautiful 4-year old daughter, Jema is her #1 fan! “I feel like Jema knows my songs better than I do. She knows all the lyrics and it honestly made my life when she would listen to my songs and be able to recite them and sing them back to me. She would say ‘this is my favorite song…it’s your song, mommy!'”

Her recent launch of her first album, Inside Out, held on September 10, 2016 was a HUGE success! Well over 150 supporters came to witness what God has put on Andrea Joy’s heart to reveal itself to the world. I was in amazement at the amount of support she received and I was privileged to witness Andrea’s calm, yet soulful, gentle sound as she performed. Her onlookers were in awe as they witnessed this Pastor turned Musician finally live her dreams that started those many years ago.

Check out our next segment on #EmTV where we chat with Andrea Joy about her passion… not just for music, but for sharing her love for Christ through her album. We are thrilled that she was also able to offer us an incredible LIVE performance of 2 of the songs from her album…you’re in for a treat!


When asked about her album, Andrea states, “It’s funny…you want to do something for so so long, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and my husband gently pushed me to do it. But, you know what? The greatest inspiration comes from the Lord. I feel empowered by my relationship with God, and many songs on this album were inspired by the Holy Spirit. It really is a dream come true and God puts dreams in our hearts, so I am trying to be really faithful with what He’s put inside of me.”

When listening to Andrea Joy’s music, the best way it can be described is a faith-based Acoustic rock melody with a folk-pop flare. For an insider’s look at Andrea Joy’s journey, please visit her at You can also purchase her CD, Inside Out on iTunes and through her website. To schedule Andrea Joy for a performance, please contact her at

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You can also keep up with her updates, future show dates and locations by connecting with her through Instagram and Twitter (@andreajoymusic) and through her website.

All the best on your journey, Andrea Joy…we look forward to supporting you as you bring your passion for music and your love for Christ from the Inside Out. 

Thank you for watching another segment on #EmTV!

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