Alcove Recovery is on a Mission to Change Women’s Lives!


On April 5, 2017, #EmTV was a proud Media Sponsor for the Lip Sync Battle in support of Alcove Recovery for Women. Alcove Recovery is a local women’s charitable organization who supports women in breaking the cycle of addictions, abuse and mental health. What sets them apart is that Alcove offers support for both women and children so that the bond between mother and child remains in tact. Alcove Recovery has been around for over 30 years, thanks to Executive Director and Founder, Cheryl Alcove, and continues to offer an empowering concept within the community.

Attending the Lip Sync Battle was a lot of fun! Hosted at Music Calgary, over 50 like-minded community oriented guests showed up to support Alcove Recovery. Liz Nandee, owner of Basic Black Designs and Cheryl’s daughter, organized this fun-filled event in order to support her mother’s vision. Three remarkable Emcees, including: Drew Atlas, Neil Andrews and Colour Commentator, Camilla Di Giuseppe of CTV came together and rocked the stage and introduced the competitors with such an enormous energetic ambiance. 6 performers rocked their performances during the battle! Everybody was in for a treat, and the crowd went wild when Miss Camilla Di Giuseppe was our 6th performer, offering a world renowned hit by LL Cool J. Talk about multi-tasking! Host and performer all in one event. It’s truly inspiring watching Camilla give her heart in order to support various causes and local charitable initiatives.

Check out our next #EmTV segment and see some amazing highlights of the Lip Sync Battle and see what Alcove Recovery for Women is all about:

For those who attended the Lip Sync Battle, which performer was your favourite?? For me, I would have to say Amber Owen from City TV. She did an outstanding rendition of the theme song from my fave show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The crowd went absolutely wild as soon as she hit the stage and jammed it out. I, for one was super impressed in her ability to be able to lip sync the whole song and offer her acting capabilities, complete with her own ‘taxicab.’ A fantastic job well done, Amber! 

Another performer that I have to offer my props to would be Tung Bui. He is a local photographer of his own business, Illusionist Productions and he has previously worked for Global TV. Tung offered an impressive performance of hit song, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé. We also saw performances by the infamous comedian, Kris Labelle, local singer, Rondel Roberts, and professional dancer, Sabrina Naz. 

While these local celebrities performed beautifully, they all had one important thing in common: They all came together and offered their hearts and showcased their talent in order to support an amazing cause, such as Alcove. For more information on Alcove Recovery and how you can show your support, please visit their website at 

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The organization ended up raising over $1,500, which is truly amazing. Thank you to all of the Sponsors who donated their time, effort and services in order to support a local initiative who makes it their mission to give back to the community. Well done!

“It’s amazing to watch the changes happen between women coming into treatment and leaving out the door…not only are they looking healthier but they have a new found purpose and believe in themselves where they can go on in their lives. They’re getting jobs, they’re getting back out into the community, they’re getting their kids back. One of my biggest successes is getting to watch that woman, that mom reunite with her child.”

~ Miranda Hay, Counselor Alcove Recovery for Women


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