A pebble in the water…there is more to it than the initial impact

A pebble in the water.

If you take a small pebble (rock) and you throw it into a lake, that pebble will create a ripple effect in the water. You can even try to skip the pebble a number of times and have a competition among your friends to see who can skip it the most. But at the end of the day, that rock is still going to create a ripple effect.

Our actions will also create a ripple effect in our life and in the life of others.

This is what I believe – You never know what the ripple effect in life is going to bring. You never know how the relationships that you build in life today are going to impact your tomorrow.

And that’s not the only thing…that one pebble in the water could also build new relationships, help you strengthen current relationships and become a blessing to many people. People that might need a word of inspiration, a word of hope or a word of encouragement.

Remember… it is not just a pebble in the water, it is an opportunity. Opportunities are presented to you in any given day. It is up to us whether or not we seize that opportunity.

That one small pebble that you throw in the water can produce more than you can ever imagine.

What about you? Please share  your experiences with us below. How has that one pebble impacted your life and the life of others and what opportunities came about?

Until the next time,
Josaphat De Jesus